Applying for approval for alternate evidence of English proficiency

Note: if you already meet criteria for one of the other options, please do not apply for Option D – for example, if you have exam results that meet our thresholds as listed on our website, that is all you need to supply as evidence of your English proficiency. 

If you are applying for General Scope registration via the General or Express pathways, you are required to provide evidence of your English proficiency.

Some applicants may speak English proficiently, but are unable to provide any of the other options available for various reasons.

To support these applicants, we included:

Option D – Other evidence acceptable to the Registrar that the applicant comes from an English-speaking background or can demonstrate that they can use English at the level required for practice in New Zealand.

You may only select this option on an application if you have the Registrar's prior permission.

How do I request permission from the Registrar?

To request this, before you apply for registration:

    • submit the evidence you wish to use as evidence of your English proficiency to us at for the Registrar to consider. Please use the subject line: "Your Name: Request for alternate English proficiency evidence"
    • the Registrar will review your evidence and either approve or reject it

There is no guarantee that we will approve the evidence you supply and there will be a wait time associated with this while your evidence is considered. 

Please note that letters from employers and universities alone a no longer suitable on their own.

If you prefer a faster more guaranteed option, we recommend that you submit suitable exam results as listed on our website.

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