Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Requirements

The Board requires police clearance certificates as evidence of your good character within a country. These are sometimes referring to as a criminal history checks, police certificates or penal records.

How do I know what countries I need a police certificate from?

You will need to provide us with a police certificate if:

  • You lived in a country for more than 12 months and
  • You lived in this country within the last 10 years and
  • You were over the age of 18 when you lived in this country.

Police Certificates must:

  • be less than 3 months old when you submit your application
  • include your full name and any another names you have legally been known by
  • be provided to us with an English translation if it is not originally in English
  • be stamped as a certified copy or to us directly by the issuing authority to registration@physioboard.org.nz
  • be issued by the national police organisation of a country
    • State and Federal police certificates are required if you lived in the USA

For information on where you can apply for Police Certificates in a specific country, please see the Immigration New Zealand site below – look for the filter tool at the bottom of the page.

New Zealand Immigration - How to get a Police Certificate

List of other accepted formats

(last updated 15 September 2023)

In addition to the options listed on the Immigration New Zealand site, we will also accept the following:

Country Additional format accepted
United Kingdom DBS (Basic)
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